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Guest Public Wireless

The Retail Power Guest Wireless service has been designed and developed specifically for the UK hospitality market, with 3 key goals:


Yours site/venues - its your Brand,  Marketing and user data, not ours!!!


Flexible deployment - reuse before buy, if we can utilise existing infrastructure we will, we can even reuse your existing WAN.


Security - It has to be secured, so user only access what they are allowed.

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Customer Insight

The data capture process through the Retail Power service provides greater customer insight than generic solutions. Using a "registration" process we can capture as much or as little information about the user as you wish, followed by a revisit page on a pre-determined session time, day or week, we capture valuable insight on customer activity. Cross reference this data with time and date's gives further insight in site trends and patterns.

A further dimension can be used based upon BLE & WiFi presence date, giving further insight in to non-registered users as well as customer hotspot and dwell times within a site.

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Flexible Customer Journey

Using our dedicated development team, the customer journey can be configured to your requirements, have as much or as little user interaction as you deem necessary, our only requirement is to include a user acceptance of the service terms and conditions as part of the journey.

Our most common journey is a simple registration on the users first visit, followed by a Welcome Back screen on all returning visits. Alternatively as simple "Click to Continue" journey for all service interactions is also possible.

Flexible Deployment

"Reuse before Buy" ... if your existing infrastructure can be utilised to deliver the service in a secure controlled manner, that's where we start. Retail Power architects can advise on the most cost effective and secure deployment options. If new infrastructure is needed, Retail Power can advise, commission and manage.

By utilising partners such as Meraki, Mikrotik and Open-Mesh, Retail Power can deliver an end to end service.

Multi-Service Deployment

If the security criteria are met, Retail Power we gladly architect a solution based upon sharing the same wireless infrastructure for multiple services, such as head office user access and chip & pin transaction, all co-existing with guest/public wireless access. Utilising layer 2 and 3 network technologies, all services can be deployed while maintaining the levels of security needs to secure an enterprise environment.

Flexible But Simple Pricing

If we reuse existing infrastructure, we will probably need to implement a cloud controller either in the site, within the customer WAN or cloud based.

No controller needed if we install Managed Access Points

All portal, data, compliance and management services included in the Guest WiFi Service, charged per site.

Dedicated internet breakout available, either deployed locally to each site or centrally, is charged separately.