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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

There are a wide selection of terms used to identify IaaS, Cloud (Private & Public), Hosting, ASP's etc, there are small differences but logically they are the same. The rental of IT infrastructure from a 3rd party to run your software and services


In building a fully resilient SaaS platform, it became a natural progression to build the platform out for our customers. With the deployment of WAN solutions from Retail Power, the inclusion of IaaS in to the same cloud is only a fraction of the cost to interconnect making for a much quicker ROI on any migration to Cloud.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

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Private, Public & Hybrid

Retail Power offer Public & Hybrid services, services delivered on equipment owned by Retail Power rather than the customer. Private services are available upon request, as the terminology defines, private clouds can be co-located within the Retail Power Infrastructure, but on the customers hardware.

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Security is the key concern amongst the business community deterring the  adoption of Cloud (IaaS). To this end, Retail Power believe that IaaS must be delivered within the confines of the customer WAN wherever possible, especially for business sensitive information. To achieve this, Retail Power implement the option for 2 tier firewalls as well as the extension of the customer L3 VRF through to the virtual environment, meaning, your systems can only be seen by your network. Breakout to the internet is possible, but delivered through managed Clavister Next Generation Security Appliances, both virtual and physical.

Partnering  with Industry Leaders in IaaS

Partnering with best of breed software and hardware manufacturers, such as VMware, IBM, Juniper, Clavister and Microsoft, Retail Power deliver its unique IaaS. All infrastructure resides in the UK in key London datacentres.

Utilising IBM hardware, Retail Power offer a mixed vendor environment, VMware ESXi hypervisors as well as Hyper-V hypervisors, matching the application to the most appropriate hypervisor based upon resilience and budget.


Multi-tiered storage is delivered to meet the varying performance requirements. High performance VMWare vSAN storage is utilised for all guest OS & Application drives, delivered across the full cluster with 15k high speed SAS drives.

IBM Storwise NL Storage is delivered over dedicated FCoE connectivity to all hosts, 20G to each physical host. Raid 10 is utilised for all guest data, whereas Raid 5 is only utilised for backup data.

By utilise all 3 tiers of storage, Retail Power offer flexibility as well as the depth of technology to meet all budgets.


8 Core Intel CPU's are utilised across the environment, with all physical hosts configured for Dual CPU, giving 16 cores per host as well as the maximum RAM configuration of 764GB. Utilising VMware HA, DRS and FT, the environment is configured to withstand multiple host failures.


Using a combination of Distributed switches, Juniper EX switches and Clavister Virtaul Series of appliances, customers are separated in to their own Q-in-Q VLAN, bringing true multi-tenancy across the environment. Retail Power can carry you existing Layer 2 traffic all the way through to your guests within the IaaS environment. Wide Area Network provisioning is needed, but by utilising this feature, the IaaS based guests will be part of the customers LAN.

Management & Monitoring

All systems are monitoring 24/7 and based upon the customer requirement service based SLA's are delivered as part of the IaaS contract.

Retail Power deliver the service to the customer as guest only, the base OS image is deployed with default details, all configuration, commissioning and on going OS support is under the control of the customer. A fully managed service can be offered, but an MSA (Managed Service Agreement) will need defining and agreeing.

IaaS Pricing Matrix



1 vCPU



2 vCPU



 4 vCPU



8 vCPU

One of each of the above must be selected to generate a full service price

All prices quoted are guidelines, prices are based upon monthly cost on a 36 month contract

The above does not include Internet Bandwidth costs

* FT (Fault Tolerance) is only available on the VMware Hypervisors

























1GB  SAN R10


Windows 2008



Windows 2012



 Linux (various flavours)