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Wireless Charging

Offer a new convenience and service to your customers, with the onslaught of portable devices, multiple charging cables and power hungry devices, Wireless charging power is the answer.


Offer your customers the ultimate convenience and reason to visit while passing your outlets. Wireless device charging is now available and features the ability to charge a device without any wires or cables.


Mobile devices can effortlessly charge with a wireless charging solution, charging transmitters can be integrated or cut-through into existing tables/bars, we even offer a battery pack option.


Wireless Charging

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Integrated Chargers


Integrated chargers are installed within the fabric of the tables or bar, they are installed on the underside of the bar and fixed between 5-10mm from the surface of the bar. This method does require more installation resource due to the requirement to route out the underside of the table, but they are deployed invisible to the customers. Options for either battery powered or mains powered are available with these units. Multiple devices mains powered are connected together, so one mains supply can power multiple devices. The battery powered devices are deployed in tables with no local mains supply, the do required regular charging, but a full charge will last the more than 12 hours.


Cut-Through Chargers


Although this deployment option does potentially mean you have a hole cut through the bar or table, this method of deployment is the most efficient, the devices are installed with power delivered to the underside of the device and the top of the device where the phone is placed. Ideal for busy tables or actually along a busy bar.

What is Inductive Charging (sometime know as QI charging)?


Inductive charging is a method by which a magnetic field transfers electricity from an external source (the charger) to a mobile device (your phone) without the use of standard wiring. It does this by generating a magnetic field and creating a current in the receiving device. With the compatible receiver attached to your device – in the form of a clip, case or sleeve – electricity can move through the air and recharge your device’s battery.

Why Do I Need a Special Case for my Phone/Device?


A reasonable question! These cases/clips/sleeves are needed because they receive and transmit the electricity that travels through the magnetic field. Without the built-in receivers in these cases, no charge would pass to your device. The cases keep the receiver close to the source of the magnetic field, maintaining the transfer of electricity. Wiring in the case reroutes the power from the receiver to the battery through the existing port used for charging; the further the receiver is from the field generator, the weaker the received current is. Not all devices need an external receivers, manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Google all have built in receivers, so if customers have one of these brand phones, they will simply be able to place their phone on the transmitter to charge.